About us

Mitt&Perlebach is a construction company. We are main contractors, and our focus is on the construction of buildings – apartment buildings, warehouses, production and retail spaces, as well as buildings with a social function.

Our team is united and well balanced – we have young and furious engineers, as well as older engineers with a world of information stored in their heads. Women are a minority among our ranks, which makes them all the more special.
We stick together and we enjoy working together.

We believe that quality and keeping promises are important parts of our work. Also important are speed, flexibility and assuming responsibility for performed works.

We are not afraid to share our clients’ contact information, since they have all been satisfied with the works performed and are ready to recommend us. Also, the people who perform sub-contracting work for us are willing and satisfied with coming to work for us again the next time.

We would like to continue doing our work in such a way that those people who come in contact with us would be free to calmly focus on what they are good at, leaving us to take care of that which we are good at – construction.

Järvevana tee 7b, 10112 / info@mittperlebach.ee